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When i noticed today that my last journal entry is from 2012... 
well, decided to make new one even if i don't really have much to say,
just so it won't scare people on the main page anymore:P

As far as i don't use DA much now,
i check it once in a while, post *when* i actually make something,
and give all the llamas i get back  :)

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 4:26 AM

1 day premium membership hah xD

Need to try it :P

Even if i had other plans for today hah... "XD

Maybe i will do something today i thought about for some time already...
Just needed a premium for it hah XD we'll see o...o

Some stamps because i can XDD

I'm Polish -...- by Elise-Lucy Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness Eyeliner stamp.xD by xXxBloodLustxXx Slash and non-slash by SA948-Stamps Woman that knows by Claire-stamps Yaoi Stamp by cacell:thumb138456544::thumb86129269: Books Stamp by LemuriaFalls ToddLove ::2:: by Golubaja It's in my head, I swear by AssClownFish Caffeine Stamp by pixelworlds:thumb180908971: I think of Harkness by musicfanaticXD:thumb146849196: I love stamps by Jellyka

Journal skin used:… by OrchidsInRuin

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Just watched ep.2 of Sailor Moon.

Everyone is talking about it being back xD
i forgot that it started airing again yesterday ;-;
But did not forget about it today xD

And even my mom recognized when i was looking at tv, smiling like an idiot, and telling her "guess what is it, guess what is it."
She did not even look at the screen, voices were enough for her to quess it's sailor moon... XD

i could just sit the whole evening now listening to sailor moon osts and thinking about it, but i can't, i need to do something today*sigh* ;-;

Sailor Moon was aired in 90's here.
It's my childhood memory.

I still have many things from my obsession back then.

All 18 vol. of Sailor Moon manga + Sailor V manga + Sailor Moon Magazine [yup,we had something like that back then] + 3 figures + puzzles etc. + album with Sailor Moon stickers + comic based on anime XD

Oh and i think... 2 VHS tapes with Sailor Moon movies?
i don't remember which one now, just recalled it "XD
but one has yellow cover *thinks* i wonder where are they....
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Finally i finished watching ao no exorcist.

I know i am late but my mind was ocuppied with other things, but i finally decided to watch 3 remaining episodes.

I laughed when first the story about satan and yuri appeared.

Anime, right, give satan a love story...

I was thinking it is a little naive, but it's not that i don't like it was good until later he returned to his own self. I was wondering if he was really like that or just tricking her or sth. But then when he was again thinking about fulfilling her dream...
so yes, it seems to be true xD

His behaviour was a little schizophrenic but ok.

That's not what i wanted to talk about.

In general: satan is an idiot and like typical stereotypical guy.

It seemed he really want to fulfull her / their dream. Great but of course doing it in a wrong way "xD He should be smart enough to know that's not the way she wanted it [so if he wants to do it like that, not thinking he's fulfilling their dream, just his own].

During their talk in the end, i thought it would be really better if she yelled at him for being an idiot :P

And the way they used that whole thing.. they could just not start it at all OR use it better. Why they even show it to us how it was, when in the end yukio is not even talking about it, they just closed that gate and -not- everyone is happy :P

In general, they all want the same xD i mean Rin, Yuri, Satan O_o just complicating it. Uh.. how human.. wait... ok.

But, i think there was someone even more stupid than him, i mean that Rin and Yukio's grandpa. Is he really such an idiot or just pretends to be one. Destroing gehenna. yep. sure. i'm sure it wouldn't destroy our world as a side effect right? egh.. even i know that doing it would be just stupid -_-' look at animals i.e. destroy just one species and see how many other is affected by it, even not stictly-related to that one.

// just copying what i wrote just after finishing 25 ep. in my TM diary "xD
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Nie popuszczę takiego, powiązanego z Szatanem!


Satan's kin must die!


if only it meant it...

if only it was correct...


if only i could focus on the rest of the episode now -_-
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So i'm making a collab with my sis :iconjheaa:  - her drawing, my coloring.

I We decided that we will just make two, as we couldn't decide what to pick.
One of my obsession and one of her obsession.

As mine i picked Cube from Princess Maker [a 2nd one to be exact] which is one of my older and never forgotten obsessions. - which up to now most of you didn't even know about as i didn't post any fanart here haha.... well for a few years i didn't play it nor didn't really look ar anything related. Anyway, i got the lineart today...


Now i need to think how to force her to draw me more Cube fanart >.....< XD ;---;
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  • Watching: Ao no Exorcist, No.6, Galaxy Express 999,Torchwood
  • Playing: Princess Maker 2
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It's been a while since my last time actively giving llamas etc.

It was somewhere at the beggining of their existence here XD

Then i forgot about giving them, collecting them, and a little about DA in general too... ^-^""

Anyway, just comment if you want a llama from me xD
Unless i already gave you one of course ^^"

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  • Reading: Moscow 2042
  • Watching: Ao no Exorcist, No.6
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Noone cought my 17 000 kiriban.

I'm not suprised, not many even knew about it, i wasn't so active as before too.

Anyway, i asked my friend what number should i make the next one.

I said i didn't want a distant one since noone cought this one so...

So that's her choice:

17,666 XD
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  • Reading: Moscow 2042
  • Watching: Ao no Exorcist, No.6
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Hid part of my crappy art here, can't hide all - my account would be empty then xD

Even if before i didn't want to even think about it, now i think more about starting a new acc... but i'm not sure about it.

Also, since i don't want to break any rules, no more wallpapers here [ i mean these using original official * art or screencaps].
Need to create an account somewhere when i can put them o-o'

I think that's all what i wanted to say now...



Why not, i don't remember when was my last kiriban O_o"


let it be...


if you catch it, send me a note with kiriban screencap and you can request a drawing from me xD


* i'm so sleepy... if i made more mistakes here, forgive me.
I really didn't sleep well... >.<"
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I really feel like finding the old one, copy-pasting it and going to sleep... xD but ok. i'll do it again. -.....-


Tagged by :iconarcherblack:

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2→Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
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4→Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5→No tag backs.
6→No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you read this." You legitimately have to tag ten people.

I → I'm a girl. Even if thanks to my username here some people still think i'm not. [Ignoring my ID XD]
II → I sit in front of my computer... almost all the time i don't need to do anything else?
III → Recently i started to buy too many [well, not for me xD] books. I need to re-arrange my room and shelfs to make room for them o-o
IV → People still keep to think i'm younger than i really am.  That's good... i think. In both - real and internet life.
V → I need a hug. Any volunteers?
VI → I love to imagine... o-o  I mean stories etc. xD BUT i'm too lazy to write them down xD
VII → I already started to be tired and irritated by this tag thing...
VIII → I love to sleep.
IX → But i usually have weird dreams .... sometimes i wake up more tired than i was.
X → I sleep with a teddy bear! XD

I tag:

:iconjheaa:  :iconlajt-hane:  :iconkaau:   :iconladyalleria:   :iconaereth-chan:   :iconhelaiah:    :iconnuanua-chan:   :iconnekoiihime:   :iconmartamarr:  :iconkawaii-uke-kaito:

... but will inform them about it tomorrow.  :yawn:


That's all.  I'm going to sleep... i know it's early, not much after midnight, but i feel tired o_o'
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just a new entry so friends won't be worried because of depressed mood in previous one :P

My keyboard refuses to work and i type using a screen one now xD
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  • Drinking: Buttermilk

I forgot about OSR a little... ;...;

but i want to do something with it >.<'

[maybe i should re-watch OSR, what do you think? o.o']

not sure what i want to draw, but there has to be Aikka in it ! XDD

Any ideas what i should draw? xD

[i doubt anyone actually read my diary, i'm so inactive here ;_;]

[and nothing JordanxMolly please, i like MollyxAikka xD]


I should draw more and be more active here... >..<
also i still need to Llama back everyone who gave na Llamas... xD
And maybe practice more ... _-_

and my mood is not good not because of it, so don't worry...
i have other reasons... mostly ME >..<
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Grr... tagged with this thing again >.<

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0001.  I'm a girl [*yawn*]
0010.  Sometimes i feel old ;_;
0011.  i love to roleplay (yaoi kkm rp) with Hioshi xD
0100.  Usually i drink 2 coffees a day...
0101.  ... and now i have a lack of magnesium and don't drink it for a week already ;_;
0110.  Some people might think that i'm addicted to TinierMe o.o
0111.  my selfy at TinierMe is currently cosplaying Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji... XD
1000.  I'm still obsessed with Kyo Kara Maoh xD
1001.  i cosplayed Yuuri from KKM! o.o
1010.  Humm... me wants to hug Hioshi ;_; but she's too far away xD

I tag....

:iconpuffles044: :iconhioshi: :iconjheaa: :iconlajt-hane: :iconldn483:
:iconmegusagara: :iconpaulakun: :iconkyoukaramaouamazing: :iconladyalleria: :iconaereth-chan:
  • Reading: The Experiment - yes, still the same thing XD -
  • Watching: Uraboku, Kurioshitsuji II
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  • Eating: things containing magnesium -..-
  • Drinking: NOT Coffee ;____;
I'll start working on the contest prizes 'XDD

they probably already forgot about them ^^""

but that will mean:

:bulletyellow: for Yuri-chan24 a drawing with her 3 OCs [ i'm currently reading her comic to know more about them o-o']
:bulletyellow: for Kialun a YuurixWolfram drawing [ ^.^ ]

also i can't make keyrings without megusagara, since it's like that: she make drawings, and i make keyrings with them xD so... i can't do anything without her drawings first :P
  • Reading: The Experiment - yes, still the same thing XD -
  • Watching: Uraboku, Kurioshitsuji II
  • Playing: TinierMe / and rp with Hioshi *.*
  • Eating: things containing magnesium -..-
  • Drinking: NOT Coffee ;____;
Sorry for not being too much here.

Maybe i'll try to thank for all favs [but it may be hard ^^"]
I'll Llama back people >.<
I still remember about prizes for contest winners ^^"
And that i still have to make one kiriban prize... XD

i forgot about DA a little...

But i made some things at shetchfu, so if you're interested:
maybe i'll add some of them here.

Thank you for all the favs watches and comments.
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  • Watching: Uraboku, Kurioshitsuji II
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I'm not sure who i thanked and who not so...

Thanks for all the faves and watches ^_^

btw. finished my kiriban for LadyAlleria :>
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I got tagged by :iconkyoukaramaouamazing:

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01. I have brown eyes.
02. I drink a lot of coffee.
03. I don't smoke.
04. I'm a single.
05. I'm a student.
06. I spend a lot of time at TinierMe.
07. I'm female xD
08. I like anime and manga.
09. I like cartoons ^.^
10. I like black color [ok, this one is related to one discussion at TM, you know that's for you JeSsIcAc-_-  xDD]

I tag:

:iconhioshi: :iconlajt-hane: :iconjheaa: :iconldn483: :iconpaulakun:
:iconladyalleria: :iconkeirajoy: :iconpolandaisza: :iconcrimsensnow: :iconaoistyczna:
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got this 2 drawings from :iconjheaa:

TMcommision - Aikka

(This outfit:

TMcommision - Aikka2

(This outfit:
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BO :iconhioshi: kazała ;_;

Ostrzegam, że u mnie jest tam wszystko jak leci co sie wrzuciło, żadnej selekcji w kwestii listy odtwarzania...

1. Włącz swój odtwarzacz muzyki
2. Przy każdym kolejnym pytaniu klikaj 'next'
3. Musisz podać tytuł piosenki, nieważne jak głupio będzie to wyglądać.
4. Tagnij kogoś.
5. Każdy tagnięty musi tagnąć kolejne osoby.

1. Jeżeli ktoś mówi, 'będzie OK' to ty odpowiadasz:
SID - Otegami

2. Jak się opiszesz w jednym zdaniu?
Kalafina - Lacrimosa

3. Co ci się podoba w dziewczynach/chłopakach?

ÉńąČşĆĘ· - Ą­ĄăĄąĄČĄáĄĂĄ»©`Ą¸

[ ee..  no zle literki sie wyswietlają
takie cos z Monochrome Factor polecialo
キャラクターソング Factor3 浅村賢吾キャラクターソング Factor3 浅村賢吾3 キャストメ


4. Jak się dziś czujesz?
MONSTER OST - be lit up

5. Jakie jest twoje motto?
二海堂昶(CV:小野大輔) - Destiny
[Monochrome Factor Character Song Vol 1]

6. Co twoi przyjaciele o Tobie myślą?
Taniuchi Hideki - Misa no Video

7. Co o Tobie sądzą Twoi rodzice?

8. O czym bardzo często myślisz?
color bottle - Amefuru Yoru no Machi

9. Ile jest 2+2?
Ono Daisuke & Kamiya Hiroshi - AWAKE ~Boku no Subete~

10. Co myślisz o swoim najlepszym przyjacielu/przyjaciółce?
Iwasaki Taku - Si deus me relinquit

11. Twoja życiowa historia?
Yusuke Beppu - About Her "Part 2 ~ Adventure Chatting" [彼女のこと 「其の二~冒険よ

もやま話」 (其の一~はじまりはこの世界)]

12. Kim chcesz być kiedy dorośniesz?
Unknown Artist - Track 3

13. Co czujesz kiedy widzisz taką osobę jak Ty?
Kuniaki Haishima - Make it Home (Instrumental)

14. Do czego będziesz tańczyć na ślubie?
BACK2BACK(off vocal)

15. Co ci zagrają na pogrzebie?
Yoshikawa Youichirou - Genshun (Preludes Op.32 No.8 in A minor)

16. Czym się interesujesz?
Maximum The Hormone - Zetsubou Billy ~TV Size~

17. Czego się najbardziej boisz?
Kouki Miyata - Kenja no Kyuujitsu

18. Twój największy sekret?
Suzuki Yuki - Aka no Kakera

19. Czego chcesz w tym momencie?
KOKIA - Insonnia (instrumental)

20. Co będzie po tym jak to wstawisz?
SID - Ao

21. Co pomyślisz, kiedy urodzi się Twoje pierwsze dziecko?
シド - 罪木崩し

22. Co najbardziej pragniesz dostać od Mikołaja w tym roku?
angela - Link off vocal version

23. Co będzie w nagłówku jutrzejszej gazety?
Yoshihisa Hirano - Air

24. Co Twój sąsiad mógłby sprzedać Ci na eBay'u?
Bjřrn Arve Lagim - TLJ - 03 - Main Titles

25. Co twój najlepszy przyjaciel powie na Twoim pogrzebie?
Kuniaki Haishima - HOLD ON

26. Wygrałeś milion dolarów na loterii. Co za nie kupisz?
Yoichiro Yoshikawa - Shinken

27. Jeśli mógłbyś podróżować w czasie, gdzie byś wylądował?

28. Pierwsza myśl, gdy wdeptujesz w psią kupę...
Yoshikawa Youichirou - Youen iShuri no Themej

29. Gdzie spędzisz kolejne wakacje?
「Dive」 (off vocal)

30. Dlaczego woda jest mokra?
Witchblade - XTC

31. Jaka jest Twoja pierwsza myśl, gdy jesteś po seksie?
Iwasaki Taku - 裏社会の秩序 (Urashakai no chitsujo)

32. Jakie jest najdziwniejsze miejsce do picia piwa?
Nightmare - Alumina

33. Co jest sekretem dominacji na świecie?
YUI - again

34. Jak nazwiesz swoje zwierzę?
Yoichiro Yoshikawa - Koumyou (Hope and Glory)

35. Jak byś się czuł, umawiając się z kosmitą?
Taniuchi Hideki - Tokei no Hari no Oto

36. Włosy Ci się palą. Co krzyczysz?
SID - dummy

37. Czy kiedykolwiek czułeś się nienormalny?
Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi - Taikutsu

38. Zobaczyłeś swoją matkę w Playboyu. Jak reagujesz?
SID - Monochrome no Kiss

39. Za czym teraz najbardziej tęsknisz?
LindaAI-CUE - Persuasion Successful [説得成功(拾遺集2~ジングル集)]

40. Dlaczego rybka przekroczyła ulicę?
Sid - Sono Daishou

41. Co się dzieje w Twojej bieliźnie?
Konishi Kayo & Kondoo Yukio - Shinkai

42. Jeśli byłbyś Bogiem, jaki byłby zakres Twoich możliwości?
Witch Hunter Robin - Shell

43. Co byś zrobił z bombą nuklearną?
見えない手と手 - Track 2 見えない手と手

44. Zamówiłeś pizzę. Co w niej jest?
Yuki Kajiura - the main theme of Petit Cossette

45. Co byś zrobił z pijanym marynarzem?
フォンクライスト卿ギュンター(井上和彦) - 蝋燭

46. Jaka jest Twoja filozofia życiowa?
Sid - Izon no Niwa

47. Co byś zrobił z gumową kaczuszką?
SID - Ao

48. Kto próbuje Cię zabić?
SID - and boyfriend (Live at Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan)

  • Playing: TinierMe
:trophy: And the winner.... s are xD :trophy:

:iconsilent-pixel: & :iconladyalleria:

Silent was first, Alleria second.
Will give prizes to both of them ^^
  • Reading: don't ask... x_x
  • Playing: TinierMe